The REAL reason Wearing a Knock off Skating Dress can hurt your scores!

Every month or so a skating mom calls up and very innocently asks "you know that "(insert iconic skaters name here)well my daughter loves that dress. Can you make that in her size?" ( they rarely say copy) After I politely decline, if they stay on the line I get the chance to really tell them why, not my reasons but perhaps more meaningful l reasons they should not seek out someone else out to make this, but how buying knockoff in the sport can come back to haunt them...

Reason 1 - It's not "hero worship" . it's stealing. In this case Imation is not a form of flattery. it's stealing. (okay you got me ,that's my reason)

Reason 2-Judges may have seen the real deal up close. Do you really think the knock off you bought holds a candle to the real deal? Do you really want to compare your own level of skating to the skater you are emulating. Remember you not hopping out to dinner in a pair of knock off Jimmy Choos you are being JUDGED.

Reason 3-So let pretend you are a judging an event. The spots to the podium are very tight. One of those skaters trots out in a knock off..if it's close and you are feeling morally conflicted about what they chose to wear . Who's winning that day? There no artistic score for "it made me feel icky" but there is enough subjective room within the system for the results to be the same. Plus its a distraction. Maybe most of the judges don't care but one might. Not worth the risk.

Now a caveat here, Judges know that parents have budgets and they are familiar with popular dresses that are from legitimate designer collections. They can still spot knock offs there, (that's another blog post) but you don't set yourself up for the kind of obvious conflict before you even skate in a an elite level knock off.

Skate Well